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Masks are required as per CDPH

We would like to request assistance from the public and request that if you have a personal mask that covers your mouth and nose to please wear it prior to entering the hospital, clinic, or physical therapy for any services. This will allow us to conserve precious supplies and ensure everyone is masked before entry. If you do not have a personal mask one will be provided to you and you will be required to wear it while there.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information




All information we are providing on our website regarding COVID-19 is coming directly from Plumas County Public Health or CDC. All information will be posted below as it is made available to us.

For any questions regarding COVID-19, Plumas County has created a special phone line and email:

Phone: 530-283-6400
Email: COVID19@countyofplumas.com
Website: Plumas County Public Health

California Department of Public Health

Plumas County Public Health

12/15/21Plumas County Mask Update 
1/15Plumas County Update 
12/14Plumas County First Reported COVID-19 fatality 
7/10Plumas County COVID-19 Numbers
7/2PCPHA Weekly Newsletter
6/30PSA Lassen Co outbreak in local prison and ninth case in Plumas
6/29PSA COVID-19 Eighth Positive test
6/24PSA COVID-19 seventh Positive test
6/18State Issues State-wide Mandatory Face Covering Guidance 
6/15PSA COVID-19 Fifth Positive test
6/13PSA State Issues Guidance to Expand Personal Services for Stage 3 Businesses 
6/2Revised Guidance for Staying Home FINAL
5/21Revised Up to Date Guidance for Recreation
5/21REVISED Exercise and Recreate Close to Home
5/19State Officials Announce Latest COVID-19 Facts
5/18Officials Announce Latest COVID-19 Facts
5/13REVISED Plumas County Health Officer Face Coverings Order
5/13Plumas County receives approval from State to re-open Stage 2 Businesses
5/6Plumas County Health Officer Issues Mandatory Face Covering Order
4/26Stay at Home Order Still in Place
4/10Exercise and Recreate Close to Home
4/8Increased Testing for Plumas County
4/8Stay at Home, Self-quarantine and Eliminate Non-essential Travel
4/6REVISED Guidance for the General Public for Face Covering
4/4Plumas County has third positive COVID-19 test
4/3Guidance for the General Public for Face Masks
4/2Plumas County has second positive COVID-19 test
3/31Plumas County has first positive COVID-19 test
3/27Updated Guidance for Staying at Home and Self-quarantine
3/21Food Safety Tips for Home Deliveries
3/20Plumas County response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and Governor Newsome’s Executive Order
3/19Guidance for Gatherings and Mass Gatherings
3/16Guidance for High Risk Population 
3/16Declaration of Local Health Emergency
3/12Guidance for Gatherings and Mass Gatherings
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