Welcome Mat

Be kind, compassionate and caring!


First impressions play a role in perceived quality.


Follow the proven recipe to achieve success.


Protect the privacy of our patients and our community.


Communicate externally and internally constantly.


Retrain, refresh and teach ER staff to work to the highest of their licensure.

Project Welcome Mat

Seneca will be the friendliest place in town!

  • Smile and welcome patients and guest.

  • Introduce yourself, make eye contact.

  • Be present, be kind and compassionate.

Project Botox

Project Botox is a project focusing on the physical facility, from appearance to functionality. This project focuses on the Hospital and Clinic.

Project SWA

Standarization, process & procedure.

Southwest Airlines is successful because all their employees follow the standardized process and procedure. This is the model Seneca is working towards.

Project Lockjaw

At Seneca Healthcare protecting patient privacy is of the utmost importance.

Important announcement image

Project Bullhorn

Seneca will make every effort to constantly communicate internally and externally.

Project Dust Off

Nurses taking patient down hallway for visual effect

The emergency room at Seneca is a 24-hour emergency room where staff work to stabilize critical patients and get them a higher level of care when needed.

Seneca is dedicated to offering training and education to our staff to keep them up to date on necessary skill sets.