Community Wellness Screenings

Biometric health screenings are held each spring. They are a vital part of maintaining good health. Screenings will provide an assessment of your overall health status, indicate health risks, and can help identify early stages of disease.

The community wellness fair will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, Wednesday, May 4th, Tuesday, May 10th, and Wednesday, May 11th.

Things you can do ahead of time to prepare for the Wellness Screening.

  • Remember to fast for 8-10 hours prior to your blood draw, which means you should not eat or drink anything, except water. We encourage patients to drink water.

  • Dexa Scans will be scheduled during the wellness screenings for Friday, May 6th, or Friday, May 13th. 

  • Decide where you would like your results to be sent. Patients will be asked to address and envelope with where they would like their results to be sent.
  • Don’t forget to confirm your email with the person registering you. Emails are used to automatically enroll patients for our patient portal. Patient Portals can be used to view your results. 

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