Seneca Healthcare District received bids on Thursday, May 23, 2024

or the furnishing to District of all labor, equipment, materials, tools, services, transportation, permits, utilities, and all other items necessary for Seneca Healthcare District Replacement Critical Access Hospital + Skilled Nursing Facility (the “Project”).


Submitted Bids

The District shall award the contract for the Project to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder as determined by the District from the BASE BID ALONE.

For further information, contact Donna Huntingdale, Building Rx, at or (530) 867-1971.

Bid Documents

Please click the links below for specifications and bid instructions and attachments needed to bid.

Specifications/Bid Instructions:

Attachments to Bid:

Note*** Increments 1 & 3 drawings as well as the technical specifications will be updated with the sets being resubmitted to HCAI on 4/19. We advise against printing until that time.

Subcontractors having expressed interest in the Project: