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The Volunteer Program at Seneca Hospital is committed to maintaining an active program of support, compassion and quality service for the patients we serve, as well as the staff of Seneca Healthcare District, while providing meaningful opportunities for those who volunteer.

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location-name: Seneca Healthcare District source-page-url: https://apps.para-hcfs.com/PTT/FinalLinks/Seneca_V4.aspx# mrf-url: https://apps.para-hcfs.com/PTT/FinalLinks/Reports.aspx?dbName=dbSDHCHESTERCA&type=CDMWithoutLabel&fileType=CSV contact-name: Chelssa Outland contact-email: coutland@senecahospital.org

IOR RFQP: Seneca Healthcare

Dear Sir or Madam: Due to changes in the project schedule and removal of estimated hours at the fabrication facilities, the Seneca Healthcare District (“District”) is re-requesting statements [...]

MediCal Member – 60 day notice

Residents of Plumas County: As of January 2024, your Medi-Cal plan may change. Primary Care Provider Selection Form Learn More FAQS [...]

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