Date: 01/31/23
Immediate Distribution

After great success with the 2022 CNA program, Seneca has officially announced the launch of the 2023 program starting up in March. A free Nursing Assistant training program that will pay students during their instruction, provide them with hands-on training and the possibility for employment at the hospital upon successful completion of the course and California certification exam.

“The CNA program helps to train new healthcare employees. CNAs are essential to assist our professional healthcare team in delivering the care that we are committed to providing to our community,” said Seneca Healthcare CNO Judith Cline, MSN, RN, PHN.

“Individuals who successfully complete the 13-week program and pass the California CNA exam will be eligible for entry level healthcare jobs. Completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant program will open opportunities for individuals to advance in their healthcare careers.”

Trainees will learn from Seneca Healthcare District’s clinical nurse educators including Director of Staff Development Ashli Pleau, RN, and Nurse Education Assistant Tiffany Paffenroth, LVN, who are trained instructors.

The program is scheduled to begin in March and interviews have started. Anyone interested in applying to the program can contact Jennie Mathews at 1(530) 258-2159 or

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