Photo of Auxiliary presenting Seneca with a check June 23, 2023

The Seneca Hospital Auxiliary donated $33,000 to Seneca Healthcare District (SHD) during a Wednesday luncheon.

“This hospital receives tremendous financial and community support from the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary,” said Shawn McKenzie, CEO. “The support the auxiliary provides to Seneca helps to fulfill the needs of many departments throughout the hospital. Seneca as a whole is extremely appreciative for everything the auxiliary does to help with our goals to provide high-quality healthcare in our community.”

Judy Cline, CNO of SHD, thanked the group’s members for their time, dedication, and endowments, saying she is grateful for everything the organization gives to the hospital, each year.

The hospital will use the money to buy patient-care equipment and other items that support quality care, Judy said. Including a human simulator for our Education Department, a slit-lamp for our Emergency Department, and new patio furniture for our Long-Term Care facility. Part of the funds will also go towards an Ortho Optix Reader for our Laboratory.

The Seneca Hospital Auxiliary is an independent charitable organization with its primary mission to assist Seneca Healthcare District in providing care and comfort to patients and in promoting the health and welfare of the community.

The auxiliary members continue to help generate funds and promote support for our hospital. SHD is currently working with the auxiliary to further develop the volunteer program onsite, that will allow auxiliary members to volunteer throughout different departments at SHD. Staff are looking forward to an exciting and productive year ahead.


Since its organization in 1977, the auxiliary has donated more than $780,000  to the hospital. The auxiliary currently contributes over $30,000 per year thanks to the generous donations of the community.

The auxiliary undertakes several major projects each year including a Donation Drive, Blood Drive, Onsite Volunteering, Community Wellness Screenings, Free Flu Shots and Game Day. This past year the auxiliary also supported Friends of Seneca in their efforts to promote the new hospital build.

The auxiliary welcomes new members and ideas for fundraising events and programs. For more information, contact any auxiliary member. Details about the auxiliary is available at