Good morning all, not quite as smoky as yesterday, but still, a lot of smoke in the air.

The winds did blow up the fire yesterday causing a major problem in the Janesville/Honey lake area. Looks like some homes were destroyed as it moved toward Honey Lake.

Evacuation orders now include Janesville and areas on both sides of 395.

On Highway 36 between Mineral and Child’s Meadow, the 2 spot fires have converged with the main fire and have gotten up to Hwy 36.

It is still safe here in Chester and around the lake communities, but strong winds are again forecast for this afternoon.

The facility continues to work towards a reopening date of August 21st for the ER and the 23rd for outpatient services. This reopening is dependent on inspections from CDPH which will only happen if the mandatory evacuation orders are lifted. If community members ask about our status, “Seneca Healthcare District is preparing things in order for our Emergency Room and Hospital to be ready to open as soon as evacuation orders are lifted and CDPH is able to come onsite for an inspection.” Please do not share dates with the public at this time.

Seneca Healthcare District employees are working hard in order to prepare our facility to re-open.

We hope you are all safe and are hopeful that we will all be back to work soon. The community is counting on us to be ready.