Seneca Healthcare District, Working to Fulfill Patient Needs

Date: August 17, 2021
From: Chelssa Outland, PIO

During the Dixie Fire evacuations, Seneca Healthcare District has been working hard to take care of our patients in whatever way we can. One of the ways we are attempting to facilitate the needs of our patients is by providing information for them to obtain their prescriptions during evacuations.

Due to the Dixie Fire incident, the internet, phone lines, and our systems are not working correctly. The staff has been working long hours to answer messages and facilitate patients in obtaining their prescriptions. For non-narcotic refills, patients can take their prescription pill bottles to the pharmacy nearest their current location and request an emergency refill. Patients needing refills for narcotics will need to go to the nearest walk-in or urgent care clinic for a new prescription.

If assistance is needed to verify provider information, patient status, please call (530) 258-6973. Please leave a message including; your name, birthdate, your provider, and preferred contact number. Please allow up to 72 hours for our staff to get back to you.

Seneca Healthcare District staff appreciates your understanding and patience during this time.