Seneca Healthcare District (SHD) has evacuated our skilled nursing facility (SNF) due to the advisory warning evacuation status of Chester.  There is no immediate danger to the Seneca Healthcare District facility. The Hospital Incident Command Center (HICC) team has implemented evacuations of SNF out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of our long-term care patients and staff.


Accommodations for all residents were arranged over 48 hours ago at one location where residents will remain together. Our SNF staff will accompany residents to the temporary facility; where they will continue to provide for their health care needs.


HICC will continue to work closely with local state and federal authorities to stay updated on relevant information.  We will staff the HICC 24-hours per day; Seneca Healthcare District Hospital Emergency Room, Family Practices, and Walk-in Clinic will remain open at this time.


 Please direct ALL inquiries about the status of Seneca Healthcare District to the HICC at the numbers below.

HICC Direct Line – (530) 258-3681