• Be a voluntary blood donor and an inspiration to others.
  • Commit to being a regular donor and give blood throughout the year.
  • Encourage your friends and family to become regular blood donors.
  • Volunteer with the blood service to reach out to members of your community, provide care to donors, and help manage blood donation sessions/drives.
  • Find out your blood type and register as a blood donor.
  • Participate in World Blood Donor Day with your social networks.


Ministries of Health

  • Organize and participate in (virtual) activities to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, promoting voluntary unpaid blood donation to the public, across government and to other sectors.
  • Acknowledge the crucial role of well-organized, committed voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors in ensuring a safe and sufficient blood supply during normal and emergency times.
  • Provide resources and infrastructure to facilitate voluntary blood donation.
  • Support the development of nationally coordinated blood transfusion services that provide equitable access to safe and quality assured blood transfusions for the whole population.
  • Put quality assurance systems in place for blood and blood products.
  • Speak to media about the importance of blood donation and the successes and challenges of your country in meeting national needs for blood.


 National blood transfusion services

  • Disseminate information about the importance of giving blood.
  • Distribute campaign materials that you can download from the World Blood Donor Day campaign website.
  • Organize a virtual World Blood Donor Day celebration. This could include: inviting prominent politicians, celebrities and sporting heroes to make videos or communicate on the importance of giving blood;
  • Producing and disseminating promotional materials through your web site and social channels; setting up virtual visits of blood centres and inviting the public to learn about blood donation and transfusion; and promoting blood donation success stories and heroic blood donors to your media.
  • Improve the infrastructure for blood donation and blood donor care.
  • Focus attention on donor health and care and provide quality service to blood donors.

This information was provided by the World Health Organization. World Blood Donor Day – What you can do (who.int)