Why Give

Why Give?

Each year, Seneca Healthcare District treats hundreds of patients from around the area.

Each day, our staff works to meet the healthcare needs of our patients and their families.

Why Give?

Give so families – families like yours – have the medical support needed at a close convenient location. Give so that patients who are so ill can receive care and hope for the best possible outcome.

Why Give?

Give to ensure that Seneca Healthcare District Hospital will be here for the next century and beyond.

We have committed to building our hospital:

  • To provide state-of-the-art care in a structurally sound environment.
  • To serve more patients with an increased bed count and services.
  • When you make a financial gift to the Campaign to Build Seneca Hospital, you give the gift of hope and healing for patients and families today and tomorrow, into the future.
  • This is our most urgent need and all donations will be applied to the Seneca Hospital Build Campaign unless otherwise directed by you. Give today and your donation will last more than a lifetime.