Seneca Hospital serves the entire Lake Almanor Basin and surrounding communities.

Help build a new hospital so our community members and patients continue to receive care!

My Community ~ My Hospital ~ Back The Build!

Current Facility Status

A New Facility Must Be Built Expected SB 1953 Construction Compression Timeframe of 2025 – 2030

Seneca Hospital is northwestern Plumas County’s ONLY Healthcare Facility (Communities of Lake Almanor Basin)

  • The facility does not comply with SB 1953 Seismic Requirements
  • Retrofitting the existing building is not an option.
  • There is no central air conditioning
  • There are no Negative Pressure Rooms that are needed to effectively isolate patients with COVID and other airborne diseases.
  • Our out-of-date HVAC, Medical Gas Systems, Medical Air, Surgery Air Circulation (Circa 1983) does not provide for optimal working conditions.
  • The out-of-date Nurse Call System does not allow for upgrades. (Circa 1970)
  • The Fire Alarm System – Life Safety (Circa 1965) needs updates.
  • There are no bulk oxygen/nitrous systems for Operation Room (Circa 1963).
  • There is no Central Utilities Plant.
  • The existing hospital building has a poor design that creates a lack of space, storage, electrical power, and more.
  • Many areas are Non-ADA Compliant
  • There is no Space for Centralized Data Center (servers, switches, backup, cooling).
  • The kitchen that is crucial to daily operations is out of date and limited in space. (Circa 1983)
  • There is no Controlled Building Access.