What is an Annual Physical

An annual physical is important in order to maintain overall health and wellness while providing the opportunity to address health concerns. It is an appointment with your primary care doctor that gives you the opportunity to ask questions about anything that may concern you regarding overall health and wellness.

An annual visit provides the opportunity for vaccinations to be reviewed, preventative screening to take place based on family health history, and cardiovascular screening taking place. Annual physicals are also a great starting point to discuss overall wellness goals with a physician.

Seneca Healthcare District Lake Almanor Clinic is home to 3 family practices: David Walls, DO; Dana Ware, MD and a Locum Provider.

What to expect at an annual physical exam

Physical exams are tailored to the individual, however, there are some common things you can expect during your visit.

  • Weight & Height
    • You will be weighed and possibly, measured for height.
  • Blood Pressure & Temperature
    • At the start of the appointment, a cuff placed on your arm, and a blood pressure test will be conducted. Your temperature is also typically checked.
  • Visual and Physical Inspections
    • The doctor may use a stethoscope to have you breathe and listen for any lung crackles or wheezes, your eyes, ears, throat, back, abdomen and skin are usually checked as well.
  • Vaccinations
    • Records are also reviewed to see if you are due for any vaccinations or booster shots.
  • Screenings
    • If you are due for screenings or tests, your doctor’s office will schedule these for you at that time.
  • Mental Health
    • Metal health concerns such as depression, anxiety or mood swings, and more can be reviewed during your visit.
  • Prescriptions
    • Medications and supplements you’re currently taking can be reviewed.

It’s recommended that anyone 40 years of age and older or with pre-existing health conditions or a family history of thyroid disorders, cancer, or heart disease should have a yearly exam.

If you’d like to schedule an annual physical, please contact the Lake Almanor Clinic at 530.258.2826