Date: 05/23/23
For: Immediate Distribution

Seneca Healthcare District is giving patients more control over the cost of their own medical care through the implementation of an online Price Estimator Tool. This will help consumers make informed decisions related to the costs of their medical care.
With this, patients can review 300 service offerings utilizing our online Price Estimator Tool, allowing them to estimate their out-of-pocket expenses for each procedure whether they have health insurance coverage or not.

“Seneca Healthcare District is committed to providing transparency when it comes to health care costs so patients can make an informed decision with regards to their healthcare. Patients now have access to the Price Estimator Tool that can provide detailed information with regards to their potential fiscal responsibility prior to a non-emergent procedure,” said Steve Boline, CFO, Seneca Healthcare District.
The goal of the Price Estimator Tool is to help consumers plan and manage their medical care. It allows patients to search for hundreds of services and procedures. The quotes provided through the Price Estimator Tool are not a guarantee of what a patient will be charged. Actual charges may differ from the estimated charges for many reasons, such as the seriousness of the medical condition, the actual time the procedure takes, as well as other services and supplies.

In addition, a patient’s responsibility may vary, depending on payment terms negotiated with individual health insurers, or the terms of coverage under a governmental health care payment program. Those with health insurance can be directed to connect with their health plan for more information on their potential financial obligation(s). Those without health insurance can request information regarding the hospital’s financial assistance policy, payment plan options, or other discounts that could be applied. For more information on Seneca’s Price Estimator Tool, or financial assistance program, visit Financial Resources at or call Seneca directly at, (833) 227-3743.