Date: August 5, 2021

For: Immediate Distribution

From: Chelssa Outland, PIO

Due to the mandatory evacuations of the Lake Almanor Basin and Seneca Healthcare District (SHD) many questions regarding medications have been received. Patients can take their prescription pill bottles to the pharmacy nearest their current location and request an emergency refill. All patients seeking refills for narcotics will need to go to the nearest walk-in or urgent care clinic for a new prescription. If assistance is needed to verify provider information and patient status; please contact our clinic manager at (530) 258-6973. If you are sent to voicemail please leave your name, birthdate, who your provider is and your preferred contact number.


Please direct ALL inquiries about the status of Seneca Healthcare District to the HICC at the number or email below.

PIO – (530) 258-6323