Patient Referrals

Referring a Patient to Seneca

Providers: To refer a patient, contact a doctor or department directly or call our Specialty Clinic MA for assistance. Please use our referral form to provide information about your patient.

Specialty Clinic Medical Assistant

Our Specialty Clinic MA helps provide access to our doctors and medical services. The MA can expedite the process, assist you in obtaining follow-up information and help resolve difficulties you may experience. The Specialty Clinic MA is available to referring doctors, medical groups and health plans to provide more information. For more information, please call (530) 258-2882 or send email to

Referrals to Seneca Radiology and Imaging

If you are an referring doctor and want to refer a patient to Seneca Radiology and Imaging, please call (530)258-3095.

Health Plan Services

Seneca Healthcare District has contracts with several health insurance companies — ranging from preferred provider organizations (PPOs) to health maintenance organizations (HMOs) — to provide specialized inpatient and outpatient care. If there is a contract in place, please follow the authorization procedure required by the plan when referring patients to us. For more information, please call (530)259-3591.