Hospital Services

Seneca Healthcare District Hospital

The Seneca Healthcare District Hospital is a California Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic that hosts a 10-bed acute floor, 2-bed emergency room, out patient surgery, laboratory, imaging department, wound care services, and a 16-bed distinct part skilled nursing facility.

Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging staff provide prompt service for inpatient and outpatient medical imaging needs. The friendly staff always makes your visit as pleasant as can be. Services Provided include X-ray, CAT-SCAN, Ultra Sound, MRI, and Dexa Scans.

The Clinical/Diagnostic Laboratory at SHD offers timely inpatient and outpatient services to you, our patients. The Clinical Laboratory Scientists and Phlebotomists are committed to providing the excellence in patient care that you expect.

SWING Services

SWING patient services are available at Seneca Healthcare District Hospital and we are happy to take SWING patients. Our lively staff is always considerate and enjoys having those extra SWING patients as needed.

Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy team at SHD is a caring collection of experienced therapists. They ensure that you will receive the proper care for any respiratory issue you may experience. Services provided include Diagnostic and pre-surgical EKG’s, cardiac stress testing, pulse oximetry, 24-hour outpatient cardiac monitoring, pulmonary function testing and respiratory treatments.

Inpatient Services

The nursing staff provides outstanding patient care with a variety of inpatient and outpatient services and procedures. Should you or your loved one have the need to remain in inpatient, outpatient, or observation at SHD, you can rest assured that our nursing staff will treat you and/or your loved one with the respect, dignity, and character deserved. The nursing team is well versed in the newest, most practical skills and will ensure that the care given is of the utmost quality.

Surgical Services

The surgical staff’s goal is to always provide quality patient care that includes interactive communication and extensive patient education for those who visit our facility for the purpose of surgery. Services provided include anesthesia, general surgery, and endoscopies.

Emergency Services

Our emergency department offers 24-hour emergency services and has a licensed physician who is always on duty when you need them. Gentle, excellent healthcare will be given to you, your family members, friends or loved ones should a visit to our emergency room become necessary no matter what time of day or night.

Sierra Hospice

Sierra Hospice provides hospice services to the Lake Almanor Basin and surrounding areas and also runs a non-profit thrift store, Forget Me Not, in Chester. Please visit the Sierra Hospice website for more information.

Sierra Hospice is not affiliated with Seneca Healthcare District.

For more info call: (530) 258-3412

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Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility

The Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility at SHD is a unique 16-bed care giving facility that offers our elderly loved ones that need around the clock care a place to call home. The experienced nursing staff provides quality care to the residents while maintaining their dignity and creating a home-like atmosphere. Social Services are available at SHD for the residents during their time of need and also on a regular basis. The SNF unit boasts a vast dining/family room where the residents can enjoy their meals together, play games, listen to music or television, and have visitors all while under the caring watch of the staff. The residents also assist with maintaining a beautiful garden supervised by the Activities Director where they can help with watering and planting and enjoying their outdoor space. Activities are provided for the residents seven days a week.

For more information please call: 530-258-2158