Good Morning all,

Things are starting to improve today. Air Quality is around 170 there is a slight breeze, but red flag warnings should be lifted by today. It would be a good day to return home. Westwood an Clear Creek are still on mandatory as of this morning.

Hwy 32 is open, Hwy 36 is open from Hwy 32 to Chester, but still closed for most traffic from Hwy 147 to Susanville and closed between Red Bluff and Hwy 32.

Access may be granted to Healthcare workers between Susanville and Chester, but this must be arranged ahead of time and is subject to fire conditions.

Hwy 70 and 89 are also open to thru traffic only. You may not stop in the Greenville/Indian valley corridor.

The managers and some key personnel have been working diligently to prepare for our inspections. The Belfor folks have been here all week cleaning and their air scrubbers have been working nonstop since Monday. The air quality in the hospital and the clinic is very good.

Our final inspections will be on Friday by OSHPD and State. We are ready and plan to open the ER and Acute on Saturday morning.

Monday 8/23/21 we are planning to be open for all services including the Clinic. SNF may take another week or 2 depending on a number of factors.

Please note we will be expecting all employees to report to work on your scheduled shift as of 8/23/21. You must contact your immediate supervisor to confirm your availability.

If you are still on a mandatory evacuation status and you are unable to report to work, you must contact your immediate supervisor.

As stated before you must have a valid reason for not reporting to work. Those with valid fire related reasons will continue to be paid at least thru this next pay period.

If you choose not to report to work you will need to use your PTO.

Some new requirements and mandates regarding COVID-19 will be coming to you soon, for now, upon your return to work all employees must where an N-95 mask.

We are hopeful to get back to business as usual within the next 2 weeks once all the Evacuation orders are lifted.

James Kooyman

Human Resources Manager

Seneca Healthcare District