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Lake Almanor Clinic

Built in 1996, the Lake Almanor Clinic is a Rural Health Clinic serving the communities of the Lake Almanor Basin.  The clinc boasts 4 Family Practice offices, a Walk-In Clinic, a Specialty Clinic, Nutritional Services, Podiatry, Surgical Services, Orthopedic, and Telemedicine Services.  We aim to offer a vast variety of ways to better serve our community.
Family Practices                                       Walk-In Clinic
Dr. Dana Ware, MD                                    Now open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
Dr. David Walls, DO
Dr. Niloufar Salehi, DO, NMM                       How to get to Lake Almanor Clinic
Dr. J.D. Suarez, MD
Interim Clinic Managers:
James Kooyman  530.258.2159 & Takara Trumpf, LVN 530.258.6973


The Lake Almanor Clinic offers services through the use of Telemedicine.  Telemedicine allows the clinic to expand their scope of practices to offer services via telephone, video conferencing with specialized physicians. 
Telemedicine Information:
Linda Wagner     530-258-2067
Specialty Clinic


Orthopedics            Dr. George Barakat, MD
General Surgery     Dr. Steen Jensen, MD
Podiatry                 Dr. John Knopp, DPM
Obstetrics              Dr. Paige Lewis, MD
Nutritional Consultation Services