Billing and Financial Services

Beginning in February a new resource will be available to SHD patients for non-emergent visits in the hospital. Patients will be provided with an estimate of the potential total cost of the services to be provided.

By providing these estimates, patients will have a better idea of their cost for that visit. This allows for better transparency regarding our pricing for services provided.

It is important to note that the cost provided is ONLY AN ESTIMATE. Total charges could potentially differ by the time the charges are finalized, depending on the services provided.

If you'd like to call for an estimate please call admissions for assistance: (530) 258-2151

Price Estimator for Healthcare Services

Pricing Resources

We want you to fully understand the pricing expectations. However, the chargemaster document contains a lot of information and can be difficult to read. We encourage you to contact admissions to get a personal quote and answers to any questions you may have. 

Please click the link to see a current list of charges for Seneca Healthcare District.

This website also provides resources to pricing information for our facility: OSHPD