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Senior Leadership Team                                                        

Meet the Seneca Healthcare District Senior Leadership Team!

To contact the Senior Leadership team, pelase call or email: 530-258-2067  or

Linda Wagner, RN, MSN, MHA, FACHE

     Chief Executive Officer
"I am honored to represent Seneca Healthcare District as the CEO. My professional health care goal is to provide caring and competent healthcare services to the rural community in a safe and effective manner. We are very lucky to be in a community that supports their rural health care system."

Karen Turner, RN

     Chief Nursing Officer

Elizabeth L Steffen, MBA, PMP

     Director of Information Technology

"It has always been my passion to work with computers.  Along with the delivery of excellent patient care,  the safety and security of patient information is of utmost importance to me.  I am proud to be able to serve my community and the District to the very  best of my ability." 


Michaele Hadley

     Executive Assistant

Carlene Slusher, CPA

     Director of Finance
"I’ve always loved and excelled in everything math-related, I think I was born adding 2 + 2!  As my career has evolved I now take immense pride in using my financial expertise to promote effective stewardship in the use of District resources while we provide quality health services to the members of our community."